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17 Best Photo Editing Software for Photographers

Note first that Apple wants you to store all your photos in the Photos app. One of the benefits is that Photos syncs your photographs between all your devices through iCloud. I believe the defaults on a Mac are set to automatically add all photos to the Photo app. Personally, I use Lightroom to manage my photos and, as I recall, I had to stop the Photos app from automatically adding all my shots to it, in addition to Lightroom.

Note also that similar, but not as powerful, tools can be found in the Photos app for iPhone and iPad. Editing on a desktop or laptop gives you a more extensive toolset and finer controls.

Adobe PhotoShop Elements 12222

When you first open Photos, you get a grid view of all of your photos. When you double click to select one, it expands to fill the screen, much like the Grid and Loupe functions of Lightroom see above. Across the top of the window, from left to right, you have the traffic lights and back button. Then a button that adds a filmstrip below the selected photo. Next is a slider to zoom in or out. Over on the right side of the window is a heart icon, which allows you to add the photo to your Favorites. Then comes the information button, that shows you the camera settings, EXIF data, and lets you add keywords, descriptions and locations.

The plus button lets you add this photo to albums, books, calendars, and such, while the button with the arrow coming up out of a box sends your photo to your favorite social media app, to an email, and to other places.

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If you click on the icon of the three sliders in the top right of the panel, the editing tools magically appear on the right side. There are some decent controls that allow you to do a lot of basic editing. It applies what the program thinks is the best set of adjustments. Try it and see what you think. You can always discard changes by clicking on the Revert to Original button at the top right. Next are the tools to rotate and crop the photo, followed by a series of filters similar to Instagram filters.

I tend not to use these kinds of filters, but you can get some cool effects with them.

Part 2. Top 10 Free Photo Editing Apps in 2018

The following are a selection of free third-party RAW editors for editing RAWs that have come straight off your camera, on your Mac. The best free photo editing software to transform your pictures from 'OK' to ' amazing'. PhotoScape. Raw image conversion, batch processing and much more.

The adjust button opens the door to the main editing controls, allowing you to adjust Light, Color and convert to Black and White. If you click on the small arrow next to any of these, the tab expands into the kinds of controls you see in Lightroom and Adobe Camera RAW. Each of these tools has an Auto option, which can be a good place to start, so long as you adjust from there.

Even more adjustments are available via the ADD button. At any time, you can Reset Adjustments and revert back to the original photo. Right clicking anywhere in the Adjustments panel gives you options like duplicating, hiding or deleting a photo. Have a Google account? Then you have Google Photos. The three sliders icon, fifth from the right, opens up a bunch of editing tools. When you first open the tools, you just get a set of creative filters. You can also crop, rotate and change the aspect ratio.

Google Photos Adjustments offer many choices. Instead, you can download the photo to your computer and print normally there. In addition to photography, GIMP is used by artists and graphic designers. But Photoshop is not easy to learn either! It allows you to work in Layers, Channels and Paths and you can control the opacity of layer adjustments.

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There are a variety of tools to make selections that are similar to some in Photoshop but go by different names. You can make Levels and Curves adjustments and create Layer Masks. It works on Macs, Windows, Linux and more and has a wide array of features. Darktable supports hundreds of different camera models, but not all.

Darktable works with most file formats, from individual camera manufacturers RAW files to jpg. It uses non-destructive editing and XMP sidecar files. Darktable supports 21 different language translations mostly European.

Best FREE RAW Photo Editor - Photoscape X Pro

Similar technology is involved with selection tools, allowing you to more accurately find the boundaries of objects, erase, offering improved performance when removing unnecessary parts of the image. Pixelmator Pro uses all the latest advantages of Apple native computer hardware and software environment and therefore requires the latest macOS version. The same smooth and natural effects accompany the user through the entire interface: moving and distributing objects into layers, drawing with brushes, applying effects - everything happens right before our eyes, with high sensitivity, and at high FPS rates.

Pixelmator is perfectly integrated into macOS: file versions, a full-screen mode and split-screen mode, export and import options, TouchBar support — all this is done at a level appropriate satisfy even the most naughty Mac users. As Photoshop keeps leading positions among the best photo editing apps for Mac desktop, Affinity Photo is its worthy competitor.

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The first start can be confusing as it resembles Photoshop interface a lot. It has almost the same style and design, but further examinations uncover a lot of unique peculiarities. The most outstanding among them is segregation of editorial process into stages like in Lightroom. The Photo section contains basic photo editing elements and anyone will hardly be surprised by it. Layers, masks and image correction tools: starting from exposure up to manipulations with colors on the HSL-panel.

The Develop section is handy for the RAW files processing. It resembles Adobe Camera Raw a lot. Liquify adapted to correcting and imposition of distortions, Tone Mapping activates HDR effects for image processing.

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Another Affinity Photo feature is the smart Assistant. The two-week trial is offered by the developer, so try it now, you might even forget about Adobe Photoshop Express after it! This is probably the most Photoshop-like application for the Mac, which can be downloaded from the App Store and is considered to be one of the best free Mac apps for photo editing.

PhotoScape has almost everything you might need to view, optimize, edit, print or just having some fun with photos. The main panel of the application offers all the necessary tools: images views, optimization of failed shots, printing of multiple photos on one page as a collage, or adding filters. The application supports a variety of formats, including RAW too. This app carries so many features, many consider it as a complete and free alternative to Photoshop.

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Of course, the level of Photoshop is undeniably higher, but this software is really an excellent alternative to the front-runner like Adobe and turns editing photos into a very exciting experience. PhotoScape had an older version, but then it did not have such great features, and the interface was more old-fashioned, but PhotoScape X brought it closer to the level of perfection.

The way this application inherits the modern minimalistic style of Adobe in dark colors is particularly noticeable, and this makes PhotoScape X rock. CameraBag Photo is a tool for editing photos without unnecessary functions, offering the user about pre-installed filters and the ability to customize any filter to your taste. The interface is simple and intuitive to use. This makes it much easier to choose a preset but does not make it easy to use it. The bottom panel displays customizable settings to make color correction of your photos.