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The US then leads a successful invasion on Iranian oil fields funding the toxin program, but it is soon learnt that Dr. Thrax has already developed the agent and plans to fire missiles loaded with the toxin at major US cities.

A US led assault on Dr. Thrax's complex, supported by disillusioned GLA separatists, allows the US to capture the missile sites before they can be launched. It is also implied that Dr. Thrax was killed in the assault. The start of the GLA campaign begins with Dr.

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Thrax's second in command it is implied that the player acts as this person being pursued by the Americans through an unknown city in the Middle East. Despite intense Tomahawk bombardment by the Americans, the General manages to evade the American pursuers and escapes from the area in a plane. With the whereabouts of Dr. Thrax still unknown, the GLA command is in complete disarray resulting in several splinter cells being formed to seize power. Having abandoned the GLA cause, the loyalists in turn attack Kassad's base in Egypt , acquiring the stealth technology and killing Kassad in the process.

watch Now equipped with the new technology, the GLA launches a series of covert operations in the Mediterranean , aimed at destroying the US fleet based there, including the USS Ronald Reagan , a powerful super carrier. Shaken by the decisive victory, rumors begin to spread that the US is unwilling to continue its war against the GLA and will begin pulling troops from its bases in Europe.

Jarmen Kell leads the attack, and ultimately succeeds in forcing the bulk of US forces be withdrawn from Europe to defend the homeland. The assault succeeds, and ushers in the period of GLA control over Europe.

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Angered and embarrassed by the GLA's use of Chinese weaponry in taking Europe, the Chinese respond by deploying nuclear weapons against the terrorists. Survivors of the nuclear attack at Stuttgart prompt the Chinese to remove the GLA threat and liberate Europe in the process. Strategies involving reliance on heavy vehicle assaults and rapid troop movements are suited to General Kwai's forces.

However, the overall lack of long-ranged support units leave Kwai's forces vulnerable to long range bombardment, against which his forces cannot effectively retaliate.

General Tsing Shi Tao : Tao's army is boosted by nuclear energy. His nuclear technology enables more output per power plant than that of other Chinese divisions. He also utilizes a nuclear arsenal via missile silos, tactical nuclear artillery, and nuclear bomb equipped MiG fighter jets and Helix helicopters. His Overlord and Battlemaster Tanks fire shells that release nuclear radiation. In addition, their movement speed is much greater than that of standard Chinese tanks.

Other than these additions, there are no significant changes, and Tao's forces play much like the mainstream Chinese Army. General "Anvil" Shin Fai : "Anvil" specializes in infantry units and has a significant early tactical advantage against the infantry of other Generals. All infantry under his command start as veterans; He also can requisition elite Minigunners to replace the standard Red Guardsmen.

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These high-caliber weapons they carry are the bane of aircraft in larger numbers. However, he is unable to build heavier battle tanks, but is still able to deploy primarily anti-personnel and support vehicles. This reliance on infantry leaves his force very vulnerable to the effects of radiation and toxins; and under less common circumstances, mass vehicle rushes, where infantry are vulnerable to being run over, yet, if his abilities and advantages are used properly and efficiently, will bring swift defeat to opposing forces.

He is not faced in the General's Challenge. Thrax" : The GLA Toxin General's units and some structures are boosted with toxins, and he sacrifices very little for his tactical advantages when fully upgraded. Most notable of advantages, is the fact that his units are granted the more potent toxin, Anthrax Beta a late-game upgrade from the beginning of a match, and can upgrade with Anthrax Gamma Anthrax Gamma is an effective weapon that can destroy tanks , to improve his forces further.

He is able to train Toxin Rebels. The toxin-dispensing weapons of these units are equally effective against vehicles and infantry. His Tanks, RPG infantry and Stinger Sites also add a "stream" of toxin to their rockets, which adds a large damage bonus to their attacks. All of his buildings can be covered in camo netting, making them invisible to most enemy units, he gets an improved GPS Scrambler ability, allowing him to cloak more units than other GLA cells can in a period of time, and has improved stealth Rebels.

He also has cheaper Hijackers from the start that are always stealthed.

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He cannot build main battle tanks, or long range SCUD launchers. Ambush, surprise, harassment and attrition are the optimal strategies for Kassad's forces. However, the lack of heavy armor leaves them even more vulnerable than regular GLA cells to direct and concentrated assaults.

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Also, the inability to deploy long range SCUD launchers means that at most times, his forces operate without in-direct fire support. The stealthy presence of his forces provide a psychological edge over human opponents, but AI can somewhat detect the player's presence without using satellite scans or other stealth-detecting devices.

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Command & Conquer Generals Free Download For Mac OS DMG Deluxe Edition Free Download Command And Conquer Generals 2 Zero Hour For Mac OS. NMac Ked – Mac OSX Apps & Games Download. Games The genre defining Command & Conquer: Generals Deluxe Edition returns to the Mac! In a time of.

Most of his field units and buildings are granted a self-destruct capability, encouraging the use of suicide attacks. His Terrorists are more powerful and he has cheaper, more powerful Demo Traps. His Combat Cycles come with a Terrorist instead of a Rebel.

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