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High Calorie Mac n Cheese but oh so good - Picture of Panera Bread, Miami

Subscribe and get every recipe delivered to your email! Great recipe! So much easier to make than traditional mac and cheese! Thank you once again.

Copycat Panera Mac and Cheese (one pan!)

Your recipes never disappoint! Can you make it easy to save recipes like pinterest or something. I wont be able to keep otherwise Thanks. Thanks for the feedback!


You can print my recipes or save them to Pinterest or your Facebook, or you can subscribe to my email list. I stumbled across this recipe and decided to try it. My first attempt was good, 2nd attempt was better. It was utterly glorious!

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So I will :. Thank you for taking the time to come back and leave a comment! A job where you get to try cheese? So lucky! I tried Cabot a few weeks ago and loved it! This looks delicious and I know it would go over well with the family! This recipe is, unfortunately, sort of awful. When I taste this completed dish I can taste what it was supposed to taste like conceptually but it would be SO much better with separately cooked pasta in well-salted water.

Panera Bread Nutrition Facts: Healthy Menu Options

I decided to try this on a whim and it was close to the thirty minute mark of stirring that both my tiring stirring arm and I lamented not having just driven the ten minutes to Panera. The seasoning is on point, though it should probably need a little more salt and pepper to taste by the end. Keep the sauce, boil the pasta like normal. Or just go to panera bread, I guess. Tried this and was disappointed. At the 15 min mark of cooking the pasta was nowhere near done and even at 20 min the pasta was still to tough.

The final outcome was rather party, bland and tasteless and even though I took care not to over heat the milk I found it to have a slight sour undertone not connected to the sharp cheddar flavor which was nonexistent. Any advice on portion changes or increasing flavor would be appreciated.

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How low did you have your heat? What type of pasta did you use?

Panera Bread Is Testing a New Double Bread Bowl |

Calories and other nutrition information for Mac & Cheese, Bread Bowl from Panera Bread. Calories and other nutrition information for BBQ Chicken Mac & Cheese, Bread Bowl from Panera Bread.

Did you use pre-shredded cheese? This recipe is a little temperamental, but it is delicious!

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You put it with ingredients uncooked? I cooked it first and think I messed up! What brand of sharp cheddar cheese do you use? I tried an artisan cheese recently, and it was too much. Thanks for your feedback! I must have did something wrong. My milk curdled. Yours looks so creamy!! Milk and heat can be such a temperamental combination! This was excellent, …. Question, could you cook the noodles first then make the sauce in another pan and combine them or should they all be cooked together?

I personally love only having to get one pan dirty. The excessive starchiness adds a blandness and an unappealing texture. I much prefer cooking pasta separately for these types of dishes.

TIPS for Panera Mac and Cheese:

Just my opinion, of course. It has true potential.

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Rachel Gurk — February 25, am Reply. Caitlin — June 22, pm Reply. Ricotta Sacchettini Pasta with Chicken. Now opening up the pot, I plopped this creature of a dish , onto my plate. Whole Wheat Macaroni. Signature Select Farfalle Pasta.

Maybe my magical mac-and-cheese making powers are off. If I trying maybe some day my dreams will come true.

High Calorie Mac n Cheese but oh so good - Picture of Panera Bread, Miami - TripAdvisor

Might I also add that I think the sauce needs another cheese, to really heighten the flavor. Au revoir my friend!!!! As I scrolled through the endless copy-cat recipes, I was dazzled when I gazed upon this recipe. Hope sliced through my body as I printed this recipe out. If this worked I would finally become a superhero.

I would be the talk of the crowd, the ones the kids whisperd about at school. I blissfully printed out my masterpiece. I washed the dry morsels of 99 cent shells and added my whole milk. Next came the dijon mustard which I measured out perfectly that slid ever so gently off my spoon. I sprinkled in the salt, which danced through the mixture, like a graceful ballerina. Now all I had to do was wait. After 15 minutes of waiting the noodles still seemed andante, but with courage I trudged through this minor setback.

Now at the 20 minute mark, my once creamy sauce, was a thick beige paste. What did I do wrong? All I did was follow the recipe! Sobbing silently, I tried to add some more milk, which looked good for a sheer moment, but then was whisked away like a fall breeze. The only thing I could do now was try. I added my cheese, then waited. The minutes felt like hours as I sat.

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Now opening up the pot, I plopped this creature of a dish , onto my plate. Slowly and carefully I bit down on my mac-and-cheese. I will never get to live out my fantasies. The nearest one is 2. This one looked delicious so I decided to try it, and I was not disappointed! I fell in love immediately!