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Softonic review Wikipedia has become one of these websites which you just can't do without. And now, thanks to this widget, it'll even be part of your Dashboard.

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This smart little widget displays Wikipedia pages in any language. Just type in your word in the search bar at the top right, press enter and it'll display the Wikipedia entry in the widget.

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Stay productive with TickTick for Mac.

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  • 2. DashNote: For Simplenote Notes.

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2. Calendly

Dashboard Showcase Top About Dashboard Showcase Top The Dashboard Showcase Top 50 Widget keeps you informed of the best downloaded. More than 50 million people play it daily, now you can play Candy Crush right in your Mac OS X Get more free widgets right from your Mac OS X Dashboard!.

SomaFM Radio Player. RSS Reader. Your review for Wikipedia Widget -.

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Technical background The internals of a Mac are almost identical to modern PCs. It now pulls from the official RSS feed on Dilbert. Design This artificial island is a home for sea creatures displaced by climate change Co. Put down the phone. Why not try the Dashboard version for free first to see if you like it?

Dashboard was first introduced in in Tiger, as widgets became something of a hot new thing to have on your computer. These widgets had basic functions like telling the weather, a calendar, and a calculator, but you could add on new widgets that could tell you how warm your computer was, or play the radio, for instance.

The mids saw a bunch of widget programs released, including Google Gadgets, Yahoo! Widgets a. Konfabulator , and Windows Desktop Gadgets — all of which are since obsolete. Apple stopped enabling Dashboard by default in 's Yosemite , given Notification Center did much of the same thing as Dashboard anyway, and the feature gathered dust as the rest of macOS moved forward.